As I prepare for the launch of the conversations podcast, I'd like to introduce you to the show, tell you how it started, and talk about what’s in store for you.

In September 2007, I launched the Creativity Forum, a series of public conversations at a tech incubator in Ann Arbor, MI. After 91 years of running a small creative services firm (okay, that’s dog years but I worked like one so it seems relevant) I wanted to explore creative thinking in another way. I had questions and I wanted answers. How does creativity arise, how is it used, how do people get it when they don’t have it and, most of all, how does creativity contribute to their professional success and their personal fulfillment?

While the questions may appear obvious, after 3 seasons of incredible conversations, the answers were reliably unexpected and often counter to conventional wisdom. I wanted to continue the show as a monetized podcast but the monetized part didn’t work out and my day job got top priority

So here I am, all these years later, still passionate about conversations, curious about the practical application of creativity, and laying the groundwork for the launch of the Conversations with Creative Minds podcast.

My goal for every show is that you come away with a practical insight, something tangible that you can use to ignite your innate creativity. 

You can expect at least one practical creativity insight from every show, something that you can put to work in your life. I’ll ask my guests the same questions, allowing for interesting digressions. But we'll always finish up with an example of something practical that they do to solve problems in new and productive ways.

Calling on creative minds from science, technology, business, the arts and humanities. together we'll meet some remarkable individuals; people who have embraced the idea that knowing what to think isn’t nearly as important as knowing how to think.

I hope you’ll be part of the conversation. Please check back soon for more about the launch of Conversations with Creative Minds.